The Daily WORD By Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr.

“The Higher Calling”

Philippians 3:14 & Exodus 23:20-23

‘Let’s Go Higher’


This higher calling represents an elevated place. Joseph said in Genesis 50:19, “I am in the place of God.” The place He always intended for me to be in. That place for Joseph was to be second in command of a wealthy nation.


I wonder what your elevated place is…………


In Exodus 23:20-23, the Lord is speaking to His people about this elevated place that He has prepared for them.


In verses 20-23, the first thing He lets them know is that He is going to bring them in through divine guidance. (Verse 20) You must understand the importance of Divine Guidance in this process. You must continue to hear the voice of God. (I Corinthians 2:9-14) (Romans 10:14-17)


Let God guide you to your Elevated Place, your Higher Calling.


Let’s Go Higher!

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