The Daily WORD by Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr.

“This is Your Take-Off Moment”

Isaiah 40:31     Philippians 3:14


In order for you to reach this higher calling in your life, there must be a take-off moment. Are you ready for your take off moment?


Take-Off– the act of becoming airborne or the launching of a particular thing; to take to the air; to take flight; to leave or become successful; to do well, flourish, thrive, or boom.


Everything must have a take-off moment to go higher. You are at a take-off point in your life.


Have you ever heard this statement? “Things have really taken off in his or her life.”


What is required for a take-off in your life?

  1. You cannot shy away from it. In other words, don’t run from it. Fully embrace the moment.
  2. You must know that you were made for this. You were made for this higher calling. You are supposed to be on this stage, and not in the background. (Psalm 13:14&15)

Substance – the most important or essential of something; the quality or value of something.

It has been there the whole time.

  1. You cannot be afraid. You can never fly high, or go higher, if you are afraid or fearful. (II Timothy 1:7)


There comes a time or point in an eagle’s life, when it knows that it was made to fly high, and that is when it experiences a take-off moment. This is your take-off moment.

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