The Daily WORD by Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr.

“Release Your Faith for it”

James 2:14-18


You have to be willing to release your faith for your Promised Land experience.


It took faith for them to go in and possess the land. It was not done by natural means, but it was done by them having faith in God’s word to act upon what He said. “March around the walls of Jericho.”


It is His responsibility to make it available to you, but it is your responsibility to possess it.


Release – to allow something to move, act or flow freely.


Don’t box your faith in. Let go, and let God have His way. Take the limits off of your own faith.


God cannot perform what you are not willing to act upon. (Mark 2:1-4)


Releasing your faith is about you taking action or making a move.


Here is how you take action:

  1. Ask in prayer. (Matthew 7:7&8)

Your prayer must be real or sincere. James 4:1-3 He promises to answer all believing prayers. (Matthew 21:22) Asking is the first step.


  1. (Matthew 7:7)

Go find what you just asked Him for. If you believe that God has made it available to you, then you must go out and find it. (Luke 15:8&9)


  1. (Matthew 7:7)

Knock – to strike a surprise noisily to attract the attention of or gain entry into.

If you will knock, on the door, God will open it for you. (Revelation 3:7)


The word Ask begins with an A. Seek begins with an S. Knock begins with a K. These three letters spell ASK. You see, you have not fully ASKed, until you do all three. This is what it means to release your faith for it.

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