The Daily WORD by Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr.

“Keep the Faith” Pt.2

Romans 4:17-21


Faith will keep you in the right frame of mind for God to move on your very behalf.


Faith – having a complete trust or confidence in someone or something.


That is why verse 21 says that Abraham was fully persuaded that what God promised, He was able to perform it.


Abraham knew that despite the odds being stacked against him, God was still able to perform what He promised him.


I said to the Lord, “Why are you saying this to me right now or at this time?”


This is what He said to me, “The biggest test of your faith will come right before you fully enter into this elevated place.”


(Numbers 13:25-33) At this time, the children of Israel could fully see what was standing in their way. They could go and spy out the land. Before that moment, they could only hear about the Promised Land, but now they knew what they had to deal with to possess the land.


They were so close to entering in, but they could not keep the faith.


Abraham’s biggest test came when he was a hundred years old, which was past the time of producing life.


Joseph’s biggest test came when he was in a prison dungeon.


Those tests were right before their higher calling moment.


Your faith will be challenged in the midst of this higher calling season or moment. However, if you keep the faith, the end result will be the fulfillment of His promise.


How do we keep the faith? Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. (Romans 10:17) Stay in the place of hearing God’s Word.

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