The Daily WORD by Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr.

“Having a Grateful Heart”

Psalm 92:1&2


As children of God, we need to have a grateful heart because the Lord has been good to all of us in His own way.


Grateful – feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; to be thankful.


A grateful heart is not a heart that is always complaining. Are you always complaining about something?


A grateful heart is not a heart that is discontent, never satisfied and always unhappy about things.


When you have a grateful heart, you have a deep appreciation and thanks for what the Lord has done in your life. Just stop and think for a moment about what the Lord has done for you.


One of the secrets to having a grateful heart is to know that what He has done for you is undeserved.


What the Lord has done, and is doing in your life, is undeserved. It has come out of His goodness. Psalms 145:9 says, “The Lord is good to all: and His tender mercies are over all His works.” All represents you too.


On this day, I am challenging you to have a grateful heart. Have a deep appreciation for all that he has done.


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