The Daily WORD by Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr.

“A Time of Restoration”

Joel 2:25&26


This is a moment of restoration in your life.


Are you ready to experience the Lord’s restoration in your life?


Here are some key things that I want to share with you concerning this time of restoration in your life:

  1. Make sure that you truly seek the Lord. Why? Because it is very important to never go after something that the Lord has not given you a peace about. There are some things that you are better off without. Some things should not be restored in your life.


How many times have you heard of individuals going after some things that they once had? Then they found out later that they should have never pursued that particular thing again. They realized that they were better off without it after that second time.


Make sure you seek the Lord like David did concerning your restoration.


  1. Please know that the Lord will restore to you more than what you have loss. His restoration always takes us past the original state.


Job ended up with twice as much as he had before. The book of Job states that we will eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord our God. It’s about to be better than it was before.


This is a time of restoration in your life.


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