The Daily WORD by Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr.

“You Can Be Successful Part 2”

Joshua 1:8


The power to define is the power to determine or influence destiny.


This will give you a strong sense of direction. This is what successful people are good at.


Successful people develop clear-cut goals that they are aspiring to obtain. You must have some clear-cut goals that you are focused on. You cannot just be a floater in life and experience true success.


Successful people do not easily get bent out of shape over things that may occur. They know how to regroup and move forward.


Successful people have a bold and courageous attitude. They know how to take calculated, well thought out risks.


Lastly, they redefine setbacks and failures as learning experiences. In other words, they evaluate the situation to determine what they can learn to prevent themselves from making the same mistake.


Never depend on others to keep you motivated. You must learn how to motivate yourself.


These are just a few nuggets to help you develop the keys to become successful.


Please remember that you can be successful.

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