The Daily WORD by Bishop Ronald Hardy, Sr.

“The Power of Sowing”

Genesis 26:12-14


Sowing is a powerful thing in the life of a believer.


When we talk about sowing, we are talking about the power of seed giving or seed planting.


In Genesis 26:12-14, Isaac’s life was blessed through sowing in the midst of a famine time. He received a hundred times more than what he sowed in the same year.


II Corinthians 9:6-10 gives a clear description on the power of sowing or seed giving. Verse 6 lets us know that sowing causes us to reap or to obtain a return.


It also lets us know that if we sow little or very seldom, we reap little or very seldom. However, if we sow plentifully or very often, we shall reap plentifully or very often.


Verse 7 lets us know that sowing is what you purpose in your heart to give. God requires 10%, which is our tithes.


Sowing is a free will offering, and God wants us to do it cheerfully.


Verse 8 lets us know that He will take care of all of your needs through His grace or favor.


Verses 9-10 let us know that sowing releases an increase in our lives. We receive an increase in our lives through the power of seed sowing.

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